ANA GranWhale ANA GranWhale

Get on Board the "GW Jet" and Receive NFT! Campaign No.1@ KYOMAF

ANA NEO will participate in Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair 2022 "KYOMAF".
At "KYOMAF", ANA NEO will be awaiting your visit with special contents
to experience the world of ANA GranWhale and commemorative "Boarding Certificate NFT".

ANA GranWhale ANA GranWhale

Event Overview

Dates: September 17th (Sat) to Septermber 18th (Sun)
Opening Hours: 9:00 to 17:00 (September18th until 16:00)
Venue Website: KYOMAF
Map of Venue: Miyako Messe

Get on Board the "GW Jet" and Receive NFT!
Campaign No.1@ KYOMAF

To commemorate our participation at KYOMAF,
the first 100 visitors who experience ANA GranWhale
at the ANA NEO booth will receive a commemorative
"Boarding Certificate NFT"!

ANA GranWhale ANA GranWhale

  • Campaign Conditions of Participation

    • 1.Experience the "GW Jet" at KYOMAF

      We have prepared special contents for KYOMAF. Please feel the world of virtual travel with ANA GranWhale.

    • 2.Follow ANANEO account on Twitter(Japanese only)

      Retweet the ANANEO`s KYOMAF post with your feedbacks on the GW boarding experience adding the hashtag of #ANANEO

    • 3.How to receive the "Boarding Certificate NFT"

      NFT will be given to those who fulfill the above conditions. Please show the screen of retweeted quotes to the ANA NEO staff at the venue.

  • How To Receive NFT

    • When you have no wallet iOS version

    • When you have a wallet iOS version

    • When you have no wallet Android version

    • When you have a wallet Android version

  • Q&A on "Boarding Certificate NFT"

    • What is an NFT?

      NFT is an acronym for "Non Fungible Token" and is a kind of certificate that is given to digital data. NFT data cannot be forged as the transaction history data is written on blockchain.

    • What is the ”Boarding Certificate NFT”?

      The "Boarding Certificate NFT" will be offered to those who experienced ANA GranWhale at KYOMAF as a commemorative gift for their participation. For details on the conditions of participation, please refer to "Campaign Conditions of Participation".

    • What is the corresponding blockchain standard for the "Boarding Certificate NFT" ?

      It is a token issued under the ERC-721 standard on the Ethereum blockchain.

    • Which type of mobile devices are eligible to receive NFT?

      Apple iPhone 7 or above, or Android devices after 2019. Since NFC is used to read the sticker, devices that do not have an NFC reader will not be able to receive NFT.

    • What is the deadline for aquiring NFT?

      The deadline for aquiring NFT is within 2 days from the time the sticker is loaded to the dedicated app or stored in your own wallet. In case you leave before downloading the app and do not store the NFT, it will be invalidated.

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