ANA NEO, Sompo Japan and MUFG Bank Announce Partnership
Targeting Financial Services in the Metaverse

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November 8, 2022


企業ロゴ 企業ロゴ

TOKYO, November 8, 2022 – ANA NEO Inc.(ANA NEO), a metaverse travel service provider and platform, Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. (Sompo Japan) and MUFG Bank, Ltd. (MUFG Bank) announced today that they have signed a collaborative agreement to develop and provide financial services on ANA GranWhale, a metaverse platform provided by ANA NEO.

The three companies will develop a cooperative framework to address opportunities in the metaverse, recognizing it as an important channel offering the potential to capitalize on the combination of digital technology and Web 3.0.

To provide seamless financial services in the metaverse, the partnership will focus on:

(1) Undertaking a needs assessment to determine the regulatory and institutional verification for the provision of financial functions and services in the metaverse;

(2) Verification of various data analysis and usefulness in the metaverse;

(3) Studying new business opportunities outside of the financial sector.

ANA NEO will support the development of digital storefront strategies and customer-friendly content to provide an experience of unique value in the metaverse. Together with Sompo Japan and MUFG, ANA NEO will also examine how financial services should be provided in the ANA GranWhale travel-themed metaverse platform and will propose and offer new lifestyles connected to the real world.

Sompo Japan has been conducting proof of concept testing with ANA NEO since May 2022 to study solutions to hedge risks for users, store operators, and metaverse providers in the metaverse. Sompo Japan also begun offering insurance with MUFG through Money Canvas* in October 2022. The three companies will utilize the know-how gained through these experimental initiatives to provide financial services and to verify the next generation of Web 3.0 type metaverse financial services and financial product offerings.

In addition, as a first step toward providing financial services in the metaverse space, MUFG plans to open a branch on ANA GranWhale. MUFG plans to provide users visiting "ANA GranWhale" with a variety of financial information utilizing the functions of Money Canvas*, as well as content that takes advantage of the unique characteristics of the metaverse.

The three companies will utilize the knowledge gained through this collaboration to provide convenient financial services in the Web 3.0 era and contribute to the realization of a society where users can enjoy the benefits of digitalization with peace of mind.




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* Money Canvas is an asset management platform for smartphones that aims to provide comprehensive support for asset building. Users can acquire knowledge about asset building through financial information such as news and columns, investment style diagnosis, and other content, as well as trade a variety of financial products.

[ANA NEO, Inc.]

President and CEO: Mitsuo Tomita
Founded: August 7, 2020
Headquarters: Front Place Nihonbashi, 2-14-1, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Capital stock: 87.35 million JPY

Created by ANA NEO, ANA GranWhale is an unrivaled lifestyle experience in the metaverse that offers virtual travel, shopping, events, and entertainment. Atop these extraordinary services, users can even purchase NFTs within the experience. In partnership, ANA NEO will also allow users to visit and explore Kyoto and other cities around the world. With connections to real destinations, ANA GranWhale will link users to real travel plans personalized to their online activity.

[Sompo Japan Insurance, Inc.]

President: Giichi Shirakawa
Founded: October 1888
Headquarters: 1-26-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Capital stock: 70 billion JPY

[MUFG Bank Ltd.]

President and CEO: Junichi Hanzawa
Founded: August 1919
Headquarters: 2-7-1 Marunouchi Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Capital stock: 1,711.9 billion JPY

Contact: ANA NEO, Inc.